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Diana’s journey has taken her around the world: mysterious red cedars on Vancouver Island, towering redwoods in California, ancient oaks in Ireland, the historic Black Forest of Germany, Japan’s spiritual Sugi trees, and the pristine beauty of the Boreal Forest of northern Canada. Filming has wrapped up and editing on this project is underway. Diana is busy promoting her latest book The Sweetness of a Simple Life”, giving talks, and of course, working on a new book! Stay tuned to this page for all the news and updates!






Call of the Forest: The Forgotten Wisdom of Trees  is a movement inspired by Canadian environmental visionary Diana Beresford-Kroeger, her book “The Global Forest” and her personal mission to educate 7 billion people about the trees outside their doors.  Through a feature film, interactive app, website and more, the movement seeks to create a motivated community of global citizens who will replant the world’s forests and continue to raise awareness and support for the importance of trees in our lives.



Synopsis for Feature Documentary



Call of the Forest: The Forgotten Wisdom of Trees follows Diana Beresford-Kroeger, and her husband, Christian Kroeger, as they tour some of the earth’s last, great forests, from Japan, Ireland, Germany, to the United States and Canada, meeting many of the world’s most ancient trees and educating people about their history and legacy – a history and legacy that is deeply entwined with our grand and benevolent neighbours, the trees.

From Winnipeg, Canada, which holds the largest population of American Elms anywhere in the world, to the sacred sakaki and cedar forests of Japan, the walnut and redwood trees of America and the great boreal forest of Canada, Diana tells us amazing stories of how trees protect and feed the planet, producing pheromones and oxygen, filtering our air and water of toxins and sequestering carbon. Like a keystone in the boreal forest, the green of the modified chloroplasts hold up the world.

Diana knows the science and the magic of what the trees hold within. She will tell you that trees have a larger genome than humans; that they talk to each other and they emit subsonic sound to attract migrating animals, birds and insects, and that they contain medicines that heal what we suffer from. She knows we must begin to value them for what they are: incredible banks of untapped answers to the diverse man-made problems of our world.

This is a call to action, the time to engage is now. More than three billion of us no longer move with the rhythms of nature. We no longer know what a seed is, what to do with it, how to keep it, how to grow it, or even where our food comes from, beyond super markets. This film will make visible – the invisible. Much of what trees do in our world we cannot see or hear. There are only a few direct associations we make with trees. Yet because trees exist, we are here.

“Every breath we take is because of a tree’s ability to create oxygen. No other organism or invention can do what the tree does. Trees are entirely unique in our galaxy, quite possibly the universe –so with every breath you take, thank a tree. We want you to plant trees and fix your forests.  We need your help to do this and on the journey, I will tell you why.  The story is the ancient secret of the forest.  We will unfold this secret with science.  We will all go on the greatest adventure of our lives.  And we will come home to a different understanding of ourselves when we realize the importance of the forest.  You will never look at a tree in the same way again.  Trust me in this.”

– Diana Beresford-Kroeger





  • From Diana – Preview Screening in Ottawa

    From Diana – Preview Screening in Ottawa

    66 days ago

    Celebrating the preview screening: Alexa Rosentreter, Merit Jensen-Carr, Jeff McKay and Diana Beresford-Kroeger   My film, yes, my film based in my book, “The Global Forest” was screened in Ottawa on Thursday 14th April, only a few days ago now. I am still in shock, like…

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  • From Diana – The Bible Blog

    From Diana – The Bible Blog

    66 days ago

    I have been traveling with Pablo Neruda again. This time down into the Bible belt of North Carolina. The School of Divinity of a private university called Wake Forest University asked me to speak on nature. Then the film, “Call of the Forest: The…

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  • From Diana – The Redwoods Return

    From Diana – The Redwoods Return

    82 days ago

    Call of the Forest: Climate, Water, Spirit panel (L to R): Mary Evelyn Tucker, Joanne Campell, Diana Beresford-Kroeger, and Wendy Johnson. Photo 2016 by Elizabeth Fenwick for Point Reyes Books. It has taken five full days to drag my consciousness back from California. I returned…

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  • From Diana – Requiem

    From Diana – Requiem

    104 days ago

    Christmas day three years ago the wind was licking the edges of minus forty degrees. The house was encased in the jaws of icicles and snow entombed the garden. The circular walnut alley was a dumb witness to the five figures who wanted to…

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  • From Diana – The Bee Tree

    From Diana – The Bee Tree

    124 days ago

    Candlemas Day has come and gone. This day divides my winter. It is the time when half the candles and half the hay must remain for what is left of the winter. Here in Canada all the farmers are aware of this measuring stick…

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Diana Beresford-Kroeger

Author, scientist and environmentalist



Diana Beresford-Kroeger

Diana Beresford-Kroeger is a world recognized author and scientist.  She has a unique combination of western scientific knowledge and the traditional concepts of the ancient world.  Orphaned in Ireland in her youth, Beresford-Kroeger was educated by elders who instructed her in the Brehon knowledge of plants and nature.  Told she was the last child of ancient Ireland and to one day bring this knowledge to a troubled future, Beresford-Kroeger has done exactly that.  Her Bioplan is an ambitious plan encouraging ordinary people to develop a new relationship with nature, to join together to replant the global forest.  Her books include “The Sweetness of a Simple Life”, “The Global Forest”, “Arboretum Borealis”, “Arboretum America”, and “A Garden for Life”.  Diana Beresford-Kroeger was inducted as a Wings Worldquest fellow in 2010 and named one of Utne reader’s World Visionaries for 2011.

Sweetness of a Simple Life by Diana Beresford Kroeger
In The Sweetness of a Simple Life, Diana Beresford-Kroeger provides an easy dose of healing, practical wisdom, blending modern medicine with aboriginal traditions. This inspiring, accessible book emphasizes back to basics, with the touchstone not an exotic religion or meditation practice, but the natural world around us.
ON SALE OCT 22, 2013!



The Team

The team behind Call of the Forest: The Forgotten Wisdom of Trees movement



Jeff McKayJeff McKay – Producer/Director

Jeff is the president of Edgeland Films,  co production partner of Call of the Forest: The Forgotten Wisdom of Trees

Jeff McKay’s films have sold in virtually every television territory around the world, airing on the Sundance Channel in the US, ZDF Germany/ Arte France/ TVOntario, CBC, PBS, NHK Japan , Australian and Brazilian television to name a few. He began making films in the mid 1980’s and his focus was film editing under the tutelage of Winnipeg documentary filmmaker John Paskievich and Guy Maddin’s producer Greg Klymkiw. Jeff made a wildly successful first short experimental film, ‘A Game Of Death’, which won awards across North America and travelled to film festivals across Europe Canada and the United States, such the American Film and Video Festival in NYC Edinburgh Film Festival, Toronto Festival of Festivals Canadian & British Film Institutes for example. His first feature documentary film which he co-wrote, directed and edited , ‘Fat Chance’, was a recipient of the prestigious American Peabody Award. The film received a Canadian theatrical release and was also nominated for many awards and prizes including a Canadian Genie Award and Chalmers Award for best feature documentary.

Merit-Jensen-CarrMerit Jensen Carr – Producer

Over the past 25 years, Merit Jensen Carr has built her boutique company, Merit Motion Pictures, into a production powerhouse, with a reputation for excellence and putting people first. The secret of her success lies in her passion for people, great films and great stories – stories that expand our knowledge of the human condition and reveal the beauty of the natural world, that transport us to places unseen and challenge us to develop new ways of thinking. Thanks to Merit’s calm and steady leadership and “we’ll make it happen” management style, Merit Motion Pictures has emerged as an industry leader with an impressive slate of award-winning documentary and dramatic programs.

AlexaAlexa Rosentreter – Interactive Producer/Business Affairs

Alexa Rosentreter is the General Manager and Interactive Producer at Merit Motion Pictures (MMP). In 2010 she produced MMP’s interactive project, One Ocean Interactive (co-produced by Tactica Interactive), a first for both Alexa and MMP, which was critically acclaimed and won prestigious awards aplenty. Alexa started working with MMP as a Production Manager in 2004 for the documentary three-part series Ballet Girls, which catapulted her into the 13 episode gardening biography series Recreating Eden season 5, and two more one hour programs.With a Bachelor of Commerce from McGill University, a MBA from Rollins College/ Crummer Graduate School of Business, and having spent six years managing the film and tax credit programs at the provincial funding agency, Manitoba Film & Sound (MF&S), Alexa is the perfect fit to be in charge of it all. She’s not afraid to crack the whip, she has streamlined and organized MMP in a way that no one else could and still keep it fun.

edgeland-films-logoEdgeland Films Inc

Edgeland Films, based in Winnipeg, Canada, was incorporated in 1994 by filmmaker Jeff McKay. He started Edgeland Films as a way to produce documentaries for the national and international market place. He aspires to create films and documentaries that get behind the ideas that shape our times. His goal is to offer a context to more fully understand and appreciate our world today. He embraces stories and subjects that are a celebration of teh spirit for life and is fascinated with cultural history and its impact on our present day culture.

Merit-motions Merit Motion Pictures

Founded 25 years ago by industry veteran Merit Jensen Carr, Merit Motion Pictures (MMP) leads the field in multi-platform, factual entertainment in Canada. A sought-after co-producer on the national and international scene, our productions have won critical acclaim abroad and achieved among the highest audience ratings in Canada. A regular and valued co-producer for CBC’s human interest and science/nature documentary strands, Doc Zone and The Nature of Things, Merit Motion Pictures is renowned for its seasoned production team, world-class crews, convivial atmosphere and access to the best tax credit programs in Canada. The company has collaborated with broadcasters as diverse as ZDF/ARTE, CBC, CTV, Shaw, National Geographic International, PBS, The Science Channel and Super Channel.

TacticaTactica Interactive

Tactica Interactive Communications Inc. is an award-winning interactive digital media studio founded in 2003. Known for working with producers, artists, broadcasters and brands to create collaborative interactive experiences, Tactica’s goal is to make strong connections with people whether it is to inform, entertain, educate, or to affect lasting behavioural change. Tactica’s One Ocean Interactive Website in partnership with Merit Motion Pictures has won accolades and awards worldwide and is used by schools across Canada and the US. Most recently Tactica produced the highly successful award winning speech app, Tiga Talk.



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